Allied Pediatrics is your family’s medical home. We at Allied Pediatrics believe that each child is a precious gift to be cherished; therefore we focus on the healthy development of your child from birth through young adulthood in a calm, non-threatening environment. We go the extra mile to provide comprehensive medical care during our preventative well-child exams, as well as through sports physicals, immunizations, and more. Allied Pediatrics follows preventive and vaccination guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and Center for Disease Control.

We are committed to helping you raise a healthy family by supporting the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our patients through all stages of development, and hope you enjoy this journey as much as we do.

Board certification is a voluntary process that goes above and beyond state licensing requirements for practicing medicine. It is an ongoing commitment by a physician to continually expand their knowledge in a medical specialty such as pediatrics. Once pediatricians are certified, they must continue to demonstrate learning through a formal Maintenance of Certification program if they want to remain certified. Therefore, not all pediatricians are board-certified. Allied Pediatrics requires all of its providers to earn and retain board certification. This is one of the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to pursuing the highest level of skill with which to best serve our patients.

Visit the American Board of Pediatrics website to learn more about board certification.

Don’t forget our Patient Portal!

After registering, you can use the Allied Pediatrics Patient Portal for the following: exchange messages with our practice, review and pay billing statements, request appointments, complete and update medical forms, and more!

Allied Pediatrics is pleased to provide laser tongue tie and lip tie releases.

These procedures are often performed in the office the same day as the initial consultation with the parent in the room.

Benefits can include:

  • improved latch and milk transfer for breast-fed babies
  • improved speech for toddlers
  • improved speech for teens and adults
  • and more.

Contact us today for more information.

Please visit the Allied Pediatrics Facebook page, where you will find many reviews from the families of our patients. We regularly post articles of interest for the parents of our patients containing information on vaccinations, newborn tips, parenting skills, car seats, healthy habits, and much more! Reminders are also posted for the free events we offer throughout the year.

We want to hear from you, so please join us and participate in the conversations!

We recently added the Authorization and Consent to Participate in Telemedicine Consultation and Services form to authorization of and consent to the use of interactive video technology to communicate with a health care provider at a distance.


SARS-CoV-2 (aka Covid19) continues to spread. As the mayor has requested anyone not in essential industry (food or medical industry) stay home, we thought it appropriate to let you know what is available now.

Firstly, Allied Pediatrics is seeing scheduled sick children under the tent in the back of our Ooltewah office. Yes, we do now have the ability to test for Covid19 — please continue to wait in your car line and notify staff so a proper sample can be taken. Yes, the ER now also has the ability to test for Covid19 but we need to not overwhelm their resources so let us test first unless your child is experiencing symptoms of respiratory distress.

Secondly, we are continuing to see well babies at our Shallowford location. If your child has a well appointment and is ill, please ask to reschedule to Ooltewah to help protect our most vulnerable patients. No ill children will be seen at our Shallowford office — if your child has symptoms their well-check will be rescheduled and you will be directed to the Ooltewah office.

Thirdly, we are offering telemedicine appointments now for most routine “sick” visits like medication checks/refills, ADHD, behavioral concerns, rashes, injuries, ear ache, headaches, stomach ache, pink eye, diaper rash, constipation/ diarrhea/ vomiting, newborn concerns (apart from well-check), allergies, etc. These appointments are available to be scheduled by calling the same number 423-602-9545 and same no-show policy applies.

It is our prayer that our patients and families stay as well as possible and are able to enjoy some simplified family time in this unforseen pandemic time. Good luck with the continued home-schooling. We will continue to update you as things change.