Dr. Wessels is easily the best doctor I have ever been to. My children adore her as much as I do and actually looked forward to going to the doctor. If you are looking for a knowledgable doctor who will love your kids as much as you do, look no further! I adore and miss you dr. Wessels!

Portia Thorley

Dr. Wessels is truly unique. Her beautiful smile, eternally positive attitude, and calming demeanor make any visit to the pediatrician so much less stressful. I always appreciate that she knows what the textbooks say but is also up on the latest research…and then uses her own judgement to really give the child the best care possible while leaving the parent well educated, calm and prepared. Her natural ability to communicate with children, even infants, is amazing. Truly, I cannot recommend Dr. Wessels enough! You have no idea how bummed I am she left Nevada!

Jena Huntington

So patient. So kind. So smart. So fun. So resourceful. So amazing. We miss your care so much! Dr Wessels is irreplaceable.

Kacey Larsen

We highly recommend Allied if you want the best for you and your family! We always looked forward to seeing Dr. Wessels for our appointments and she will truly be missed in NV. She’s so willing to engage and answer all your questions like you are the only patients she has for the day! She is absolutely amazing!

Angelene Hall

Dr. Wessels is the BEST Pediatrician ever! During every visit, we felt important and she ALWAYS had time for us no matter how trivial our questions seemed to be. Our kids loved her too and never were afraid to talk to her themselves. We miss her! Nevada’s loss is definitely Tennessee’s gain!

Tracie Egelston

Dr. Wessels provides clinically exceptional care with a loving personal touch. She makes you feel like you are her only patient by taking time with you to listen and understand your situation. She works with the patient and parents to develop a collaborative plan of care that is comfortable for everyone.

Katie Hackler

Dr. Wessels was my kids’ pediatrician in Nevada and truly cared about my kids. I wish she was still in Nevada and highly recommend her! She is a wonderful doctor!

Robin Hager

Just a note to say that we miss you! You were our first ever pediatrician, and I don’t think we’ll ever find another like you. Best of luck to you… thanks for all you did and being so great at what you do!

Heather Allison

I was Dr.Wessels assistant in Nevada and I must say that she is truly an amazing person. She cared so much about each and every one of her patients. After working in pediatrics for so long at other companies, I had never met a child so excited to see the Doctor 🙂 she is missed by everyone here in NV!

Alicia Hong

Dr. Wessels is an amazing doctor. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and addresses them without judgement. She makes you feel as though you are family and not just another patient. Loved her.

Meagan Ranson

Dr. Wessels is people first, extending professionalism and genuine love to her patients.

Melanie Simmons

You truly are a unique doctor and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss you and i do feel like i lost not only an incredible doctor for my boys but a friend as well. We could visit a million doctors and none would compare to you. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for my family, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. I hope you’re practice does amazing, your patients will be truly lucky and blessed to have you!

Stacia Almeida

Dr. Wessels is an amazing pediatrician. She took the time to get to know my daughter and to make her feel safe and comfortable so that she would not to be afraid of going to the doctor. Dr. Wessels is not only a doctor for my daughter but she is also a wonderful helper to me as a first time parent. Any questions or problems that I may have had she was always there with helpful answers and tips. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Wessels, She has a wonderful patient manner and is wonderful on all levels with my daughter.

Brandy Cruz

Dr. Delia Wessels was our Pediatrician in Nevada. We were so saddened to see her go. She is wonderful with the kiddos and takes time to answer all of your questions. You are all in the best hands in TN!

Lindsey Wharton

You know that you had an amazing pediatrician, when she moves to TN and your 3yr old daughter cries because she’s going to miss her! Dr. Delia Wessels is more than just a Pediatrician to the patient she treats (and parents she treats with her warm smile and calm demeanor) she is a friend and someone they can trust! I can tell you that TN became a better state the day she and her family moved there!!

Josh Thomsen